Divine Divas

2017 | Feature Film

Main Credits


Daza Filmes


Canal Brasil and Biônica Filmes


Leandra Leal


Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal, Lucas Paraizo and Natara Ney

Associate Producers:

Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha and Karen Castanho


Carol Benjamin, Leandra Leal, Natara Ney and Rita Toledo

The Divine Divas are iconic performers of the first generation of Brazilian transvestite artists in the 1960s. One of the first venues that gave shelter to men dressed as women was Rival Theatre, directed by Américo Leal, the grandfather of the director. The film brings to the scene the intimacy, the talent and the stories of a generation that revolutionized sexual behavior and challenged the moral of a country.

Highlights, Awards and Festivals:

  • Winner of the Audience Award – Global at SXSW South by Southwest Film Festival 2017