End of the World Residency

2021 | Feature Film

Main Credits


Biônica Filmes, RT Features and Le Tiro Cine


Fernando Fraiha


Fernando Fraiha and Inés Bortagaray


Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha, Karen Castanho, Rodrigo Teixeira and Nicolás Grosso

After releasing her first novel, Violeta, Ana is invited to the renowned “End of the World Residency”, in the middle of the Andes Mountains. Upon arrival, Ana is greeted by the residence mentor, Holden, a writer who became famous after burning all copies of his book on release day – thus creating a literary movement called “supra-realism”, where writers abandon their own lives to live as the characters created in their fictions.

Isolated in the middle of the snowy mountains of southern Argentina, Ana is induced to live as Violet, the protagonist of her first novel. Inspired by the end of her book, in which Violet pushes her lover off a mountain, Ana begins to explore “what it’s like to get rid of everything that no longer suits you.”

After a week Ana is becoming her character, throwing away her clothes, suitcase, cell phone, computer. Ana is only wearing her body clothes, a notebook, and a pencil and starts writing her next book. Enthusiastic, Ana feels that she has found an artistic power she did not know.

Thanks to her delivery, Ana stands out and at the end of the three weeks of the residence she is invited by Holden to become a permanent member in the “Community of the End of the World”. Now, among the more advanced ones, supra-realist practices are more intense. The fantasy takes over reality, and Ana gradually becomes hostage to a project of fiction much bigger than she imagined.