Monica and Friends - Bonds

2019 | Feature Film

Main Credits


Biônica Filmes, Latina Filmes and Quintal Digital


Daniel Rezende


Thiago Dottori


Bianca Villar, Cássio Pardini, Cao Quintas, Charles Miranda, Karen Castanho and Fernando Fraiha

After the disappearance of his dog Floquinho, Cebolinha and his best friends Mônica, Cascão, and Magali need to prepare one of their master plans to find his loyal pet. This is just the beginning of a big adventure that will strengthen the bond that has been uniting Mônica and her friends for over 50 years.

Created in 1959 by Mauricio de Sousa, Monica & friends is Brazil’s top patrimony. The comic book series has been a huge success until today, going through generations and connecting children, parents and even their grandparents.

Mauricio de Sousa Produções holds 80% of comics Market in Brazil, printing more than 2.5 million comic books monthly. “Monica & friends” is also present on 25 VOD channels in Latin America, has 20 games and apps available in Itunes and Google Play and over than 320 million views on YouTube monthly. Their tv show is broadcasting on Cartoon Network and Boomerang in Latin America.

This project is the first live action movie of Monica & Friends, based on the most sold graphic novel in Brazil: “Laços”, by Vitor and Lu Caffagi.