2022 | Feature Film

Main Credits

Production Company:

Biônica Filmes


Singular Mídia & Conteúdo

Screenplay by:

Flávia Lins e Silva


Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha, Karen Castanho e Beth Carmona


João Miguel, Francisca, Caíque, Yasmim, together with their dog Tatu, live in a small town in Maranhão, have always been friends and love to look for “gems” for a secret museum that they keep in a cave that only they know. Unexpectedly, the dog Tatu digs a hole and finds a huge bone, which they will discover to be an Amazonsaurus bone. With the guidance of paleontologist Nilda, the group will try to find other pieces of this immense real puzzle to form the skeleton of the famous Amazonsaurus . It turns out that the search area for the child paleontologists is the same as where a large oil company suspects that there is oil. The area is surrounded, in the name of “progress”, and the class is mad because all the history there will be lost. Very united, they will do everything to prove to the city’s residents and government officials that history can be worth more than oil.