Songs From a Father's Heart

2020 | Feature Film

Main Credits

Production Company:

Biônica Filmes

Directed by:

Rafael Gomes


Rafael Gomes, Luna Grimberg and Vinicius Calderoni


Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha and Karen Castanho

Original Soundtrack by:

Odair José and Arnaldo Antunes

Julio is a peaceful uptight dentist who planned his life 80 years in advance. Suddenly dumped by his girlfriend, he also finds out he is the son of a womanizer popular singer of the 70s and brother of an intense gay musician, both of whom he never knew. Until now.

Stunned and startled, wandering through an album of cheesy love songs from a father he’s just discovered, Julio must find out if the man he is supposed to be resides in his genetic material, in the outcome of his life experiences, or in the tumultuous combination of both.