2021 | Feature Film

Main Credits


Biônica Filmes and O Som e a Fúria (Portugal)


Carolina Markowicz


Carolina Markowicz


Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha, Karen Castanho, Carolina Markowicz and Luís Urbano

Suellen, in her 40s, works as a toll booth attendant on the road that leads São Paulo to the beach. She lives in Cubatão, an industrial pole and one of the most polluted cities in Brazil. Suellen has a son, Tiquinho, from a past relationship. He is 17 years old and is clearly gay. Mother and son love each other, but they have huge differences: she can’t accept Tiquinho the way he is. Witnessing Suellen’s issue with her son, a close friend and toll booth coworker tells her of a Latin preacher specialized in “gay cure and soul improvement” who is giving a workshop in the church she attends. Focused on how she could afford the expensive treatment, she realizes she can use her own job, in which she constantly sees the exact watch a person who is paying the toll is using, to make some money helping a watch thieves gang with whom her sketchy boyfriend has some connections.