The Fuzz

2018 | Feature Film

Main Credits


Biônica Filmes


Ana Reber, Leandro Muniz and Fernando Fraiha


Marcus Baldini


Bianca Villar, Fernando Fraiha and Karen Castanho

Keyla is an investigator from a big city that just got sent to the countryside of Rio de Janeiro to investigate a murder case. She is thirsty to use her habilities in a complex case. In the small countryside city, she meets Sandro, a friendly investigator that has lived his whole life in the city and knows all the citizens by their names. Keyla and Sandro become the two responsible investigators by the case of a series of murders that is tormenting the small town. Keyla is unfriendly and has no patience with people, which difficults the investigation; Sandro is peaceful and receptive with everyone, but barely knows how to use his gun. The union of these two different and complementary profiles will yield a lot of confusion in the search for evidences.